Is it possible for me to stay by myself?
There is an accommodation plan for person who stay individually.
How many people can the room accommodate?
Presidential suite "Hikarino-ma" : Max Occupancy 6 people
Executive room "Shikibu" : Max Occupancy 6 people
Premier suite "Yukari" : Max Occupancy 4 people
Room with open-air bath "Yumedono" : Max Occupancy 2 - 3 people
What are the room rates for a child?
If you have children accompanying you, the price will be altered depending on the age and accommodation plan. Please feel free to contact us to find out the price.
What age group do the child charges apply to?
The child rate applies to all people under 11 years of age. The adult rate applies to anyone who is 12 years old or over.
What kind of meal can we eat?
Our restaurant serves fish which has been prepared in a traditional Japanese style.
*We regret that an alternative (or vegetarian) meal cannot be provided.
What time is check-in?
3:00 p.m - 5:00 p.m.
*Meals can only be served before 5 p.m.
*We can store your baggage before check-in.
How about transportation services?
We will pick you up at Kawaguchiko station. Please make a reservation in advance.
How do I get here from Tokyo, Hakone, or Kyoto? And how long does it take?
For more information about access, please click here. Transportation guide page.
*It is a long way from Hakone and Kyoto. Please make an early start.
Is it possible to stay here on the same day that I arrive at Japan?
It takes about 5 hours from Narita Airport. If your flight is in the afternoon, it will be impossible to stay on the same day.
Can I see Mt.Fuji from my room?
You can't see Mt.Fuji from the rooms.
However, there is a 5 minute walk to Kawaguchiko, and you can even enjoy a view of Mt.Fuji at the lakeside.
Is there snow on the street?
There is snow on the street during the winter (December - March) If you come here by car, please use winter tires or snow chains.
I would like to climb Mt.Fuji.
For more information about climbing Mt.Fuji, please click here. Climbing Mt.Fuji guide page.
*If you have any other questions that haven't been covered in this FAQ, please contact us

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