Dining in Yumedono - where our Hot Springs water is a gift from Mount Fuji.


In the traditional style of a Ryokan, you will be served your breakfast and dinner in your room. The style, delivery and presentation of your breakfast and dinner in your room is the ultimate in being pampered. This will truly be the highlight of your stay at Onsenji Yumedono Ryokan.

At our Ryokan, we offer you luxurious dishes that use only the best quality ingredients, carefully selected and brought here from all over Japan. Our renown chefs prepare and cook with only quality foods and are known to reject many inferior ingredients or something that do not match their exacting standards. For example, our rice is carefully selected and cooked, we have a close relationship with a rice grower in Uonuma, in the Nigata region, a region known worldwide for the quality of their rice.

It is very simple, our chefs demand the best and the freshest ingredients for you. The menu will vary daily and will represent the best of seasonally foods, so be prepared to taste the best of Japanese cuisine.

Remember to abide the wishes of the chef and try not to be late for any dining occasion. If you know you will be late for dinner we would be grateful, if you will inform us. A superb dinner experience is waiting for you.

Room Rates & Resarvations

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